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family dentist Thomasville GA

Family Dentistry

At Thomasville Dental Center, our goal is to provide you and your family with the finest care, making your smile beautiful and healthy for many years to come.

We would love for you and your loved ones to join our dental family! Taking care of your dental health begins with a thorough dental examination and personal consultation with one of our exceptional doctors. During your first visit with us, we want to learn more about your past dental experiences and how we can make future visits to our dental office both pleasant and comfortable.

Preventive Dentistry is the Key to a Healthy Smile

Regular dental cleanings are very important to maintain your oral health. Our office recommends routine preventive care every 3-6 months for most patients. This gives us the opportunity to review your home care and perform a complete dental examination to uncover any conditions or problems. With early detection, treatment can be the most conservative and effective.

Your existing dental work will last longer and your chances of infections and pain will be drastically reduced with regular visits to the dentist.

Consistent brushing and flossing are also essential to help prevent tooth decay, gum disease, pain and infection. We recommend brushing twice a day for two minutes at each session. Electric toothbrushes such as a Sonicare® or Braun/Oral-B® are excellent and are available at your local pharmacy or major department store.

Flossing is essential to clean in between the teeth. If you have trouble flossing or brushing in those hard-to reach areas, let us know. There are a number of dental cleaning and flossing aids available that make taking care of your teeth and gums easier.

Your Family Dentists

Whether you are bringing your young child to the dentist for the very first time, or if you are an adult with changing dental health needs, our promise to you is that we will always provide you and your family with outstanding service and comprehensive care. Our doctors have extensive training in all phases of general dentistry, and it is important to them that they offer you all available options to keep your smile healthy for a lifetime.

Convenient Thomas County, Georgia Location

Our Thomasville dental office is centrally located to Bainbridge, Cairo, Quitman and Monticello. We invite you to Contact Us to schedule your family's next dental checkups!